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If you use Canva, you’re probably well aware that the platform has an impressive collection of fonts to choose from. But your brand most likely has its own, or if you’re an agency, you might need to use your clients’ fonts in your projects. Well don’t fret! It’s actually super easy to do, and we’ll show you how to add a font in Canva, including custom and downloaded ones.

Are all fonts free on Canva?

No, not all fonts on Canva are free. Canva offers a mix of free and paid fonts, and to get access to the fonts behind the paywall you’ll need to upgrade to Canva Pro for $119.99 per year.

Can you add custom fonts to Canva free?

As mentioned above, Canva offers a wide range of free fonts to use in your designs, but unfortunately, you’ll need to upgrade to Canva Pro in order to get access to the Brand Hub where you can upload your own fonts.

How do I upload a font?

Once you upgrade to Canva Pro, uploading a font is a breeze. In early 2023 they actually completely revamped their dashboard and editor, so here’s how to do it in just a few simple steps with their updated interface:

Step 1: Find and download the font file you want to use (make sure it’s in either TTF, OTF, or WOFF format).

Step 2: Open Canva and click on the “Brand Hub” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Under the “Brand Kit” tab, select your Brand Kit.

If you don’t have one yet, select the “Untitled Brand Kit” and you can update the name and info later.

Step 4: Click on the “+ Add New” button, and then click “Upload a font” from the drop down menu.

Step 5: Click “+ Add New” button from the Uploaded Fonts menu that appears.

Step 6: Browse your files and select the font file you want to upload.

Step 7: Confirm that you have proper licensing to use the font by clicking the “Yes, upload away!” button.

Only upload fonts you can legally use!

how to add a font in canva - pop up to confirm you have a license to use an uploaded font

How do I use Adobe fonts in Canva?

Even if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, they do not allow you to download and store your fonts locally on your computer, so there isn’t a way to upload them to Canva.

However, you can find most of the Adobe fonts in downloadable form on other sites like Fontspring, MyFonts,, and Type Network. But in all these situations you’ll need to purchase a license to download them.

Why can’t I upload a font to Canva?

If you’re having trouble uploading a font to Canva, make sure the font file is in either TTF, OTF, or WOFF format. Additionally, Canva only allows you to upload fonts for your own personal use and not for commercial purposes unless you have a license.

How do I unlock fonts in Canva?

If you come across a paid font in Canva that you want to use, you’ll need to upgrade to Canva Pro to access it. Simply click on the font to open a popup window where you can upgrade and start a 30-day trial.

Can I use fonts without a license in Canva?

No, you cannot legally use fonts without a proper license in Canva. They technically allow you to upload any font for which you have the file, but they ask you to confirm you own a license before uploading, so if you lie, you’ll be held liable for your actions.

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